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My Closet

iPhone App

Productivity app designed to help the user save time and energy by becoming the user's personal stylist. The app chooses the user's outfit for them from the clothes they have in their wardrobe. The app bases it's selections on the day's weather, any events in the user's calendar, and their mood.

Skills: Photoshop, AfterEffects

2012 Design Show

Web Site and Mobile Experience

2012 Design Show

Web site designed to promote the 2012 Design Show presented by the American University Design Club. Away from the show, the web site doubled as both an archival and promotional tool. At the show, the site became an extra element of explanation that allowed the user to learn more about each individual piece by scanning a QR code on the placard by each piece of work. Visit the full site.

Skills: Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML/CSS3, Responsive Web Design




Bevel is a monthly architecture magazine that caters to young professional architects and students looking to get their foot in the door of the industry. View the full magazine.

Skills: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Original Photography


Book Cover

Illusions - BOOK COVER

Book cover designed for Illusions: The Adventures of Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach.

Skills: Illustrator

iPad App Launch Page

Responsive Web Site

Launch Page for the NPR Music iPad App - RESPONSIVE WEB SITE

Designed to promote the launch of the National Public Radio Music iPad App. Visit the full site.

Skills: Photoshop, HTML/CSS, TextWrangler, Responsive Web Design

Trace Investigations

Identity and Stationery

Trace Investigations - IDENTITY AND STATIONERY.

Identity and stationery designed for a private investigations firm in Cleveland, OH.

Skills: Illustrator

Amazons and their Men


Amazons and their Men - poster

Theater Poster created to promote the Forum Theater's rendition of Amazons and Their Men. The play, by Jordan Harrison, takes place on the set of a movie about Greek mythology during Nazi Germany. The play is about love in a time of war.

Dimensions: 14" x 20"

Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator

Going Viral

Animated Infographic

Animated infographic discussing the rapid growth of YouTube as both a company and a world-wide phenomenon.

Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects

Vita Cafe

Identity and Stationery

Vita Cafe - Identity and Stationery
Identity and stationery designed for a vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Portland, OR.
Skills: Illustrator

Design Expo


Design Expo - poster

Designed to promote the American University annual Design Expo presented by the Design Club. The Expo is a judged exhibition of student work from the previous year.

Dimensions: 9” x 17”

Skills: Original Photography, Photoshop